Why Table Rabbit?

Meet the ingredients that create our one of a kind evenings.

Rabbit Groups

With Rabbit Groups we introduce you to people who have similar interests as you. Pets are your thing, you're interested in investments or crypto & ETFs? There's a Rabbit Group for that

Dating (Rabbit Group)

Ready for a relationship or a romantic adventure? Select this Rabbit Group and meet possible dates.

Friendship (Rabbit Group)

Are you new in town and looking for new friends and acquaintances? This is your chance.

Meet in person

First Impressions last. This is why you'll meet others for the first time in person. We don't have profile pictures or a description text.

Matching age groups

To guarantee you meet people like you, we make sure that all participants are around the same age.


You’re already in a happy relationship? Congrats! If you and your partner want to meet other couples, you can also register together. There will be no singles at your events.

Never on your own

At your first location, you'll meet your group. You'll stay together with them when you change locations throughout the evening. This way, you'll get to know other people in other groups but never be on your own.

Perfect duration

You'll have 75 minutes in each location to get a good impression of all participants. Plenty of time to get to know each other!

Your City

With Table Rabbit you won't just meet new people. You'll also experience new bars, cafés & restaurants. Discover your city's hidden gems and all time classics when it comes to locations.

No fake profiles

You won’t run into a fake profile on Table Rabbit! How could that be? It's not like we’re going to send actors to a bar, would we?


We don't sell data. Your personal info is safe with us and we'll only ask you for the bare necessities

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